Photo Selection

We’ve got lots of photos from our Soirées and also our parties. Most of these are accessible in galleries and require passwords to view. If you’ve been to one of our events, please consider joining our Telegram messaging group and there you’ll get the inside track on all things XS, including the gallery passwords and news when new photo sets are published on-line.

(We have a simple photo policy at all our events – white/black badges. Anyone wearing a white badge will not be photographed, or on group shots, will be blurred out.)

Here are some links to recent event galleries:

Season 2 (2017/18)…
NEW!!! Salon Soirée – Episode 4 – Dec 2017
Salon Soirée – Episode 3 – Nov 2017
“Amuse-bouche!” LFW special – Oct 2017
Salon Soirée – Episode 1 – Sep 2017



Season 1 (2016/17)…
Salon Soirée X – July 2017
Salon Soirée No 9 – June 2017
Salon Soirée No 8 – May 2017

“Oh Behave!” – Our third night of #nocturnalXS – 27 August 2017

(Huge thanks to Fetishic Photography and Dave Luckins for their excellent photo sets for the above).

Guidelines for using photos from our galleries on other websites/social networks…
1. Please ensure you have permission from everyone visible in the photo first.
2. Please preserve the XS watermark if you crop the photo.
3. Please credit the photographer – see each gallery and photo name for details.

Earlier galleries may be found on Sin Bozkurt‘s website – – you’ll need the password to view these galleries, available to those at the events!

And finally, a brief (and silent) retrospective of some of the best shots from Season 1…