Recreating the art of the nocturnal adventure. Immersive and slightly challenging.

Formed in September 2016, Xanadu Society (XS) is a private members society for those that enjoy a little excess, a little sophistication, joie de vivre and above all adventure. We like to think of it as a portal for the discerning who are looking to rekindle the art and pleasure of a ‘nocturnal adventure’.


Ask yourself where has the adventure gone in your life?. We feel it is time to rekindle the art of the nocturnal adventure with a little surprise, a little shock and a little awe (we would not want you to get too comfortable). So make sure your wardrobe makes you shine, your performance is polished and becoming and ready for your moment in the limelight…

And then we’ll sprinkle in a little entertainment, tableaux, routines, some enchantment and melody, but much of that will be a surprise too!


SOIRÉE EVENTS: We hold monthly Salon Soirée evenings where newcomers can meet us (and vice versa) and hopefully choose to acquire the exclusive black card of Xanadu. Usually held on the 2nd Monday of the month from 7.00  to 11.00 pm at a secret location in Soho. If you are not a member and are  interested in attending one of these evenings then please drop us an email with your details and a little about yourself to

One year on from inception, we’re delighted to announce that “Season 2” commences on Monday 11 September.

PARTIES: Care for some #NocturnalXS ? – Our parties are for members (and their guests) only and are immersive, challenging and unique. We offer adventurous themed immersive events across an evening in which you may create your own sexy/kinky adventure at whatever level of involvement suits you. These events vary in size, content and location – and are generally publicised via our mail list and Telegram app group chat.

MEMBERSHIP: Learn more about membership here

X-DIRECTORY: We arrange affiliations with a number of the UK’s leading couture and designer apparel brands that are ideal for ‘aphrodisiac chic’. Membership entitles you to discounts with the likes of Hepburn & Leigh, Karolina Laskowska, Emma Harris, Starline  and Westwardbound. These arrangements come and go, this list is indicative at the time of writing. Find out more here.

CODE OF CONDUCT: Xanadu Society is LGBT friendly and has a strict consensual and responsibility code of conduct policy.  Strictly 18+ (ID may be required). Please respect others. Pushy and unwelcome advances are not acceptable and may lead to members being removed from the community.  If someone makes you uncomfortable, for any reason, then you should let them and us know. We have several regulars of all genders and orientations who will involve themselves to resolve any issues if necessary. But above all please note that the obvious rules of common sense and courtesy shall apply. No means no! NO UNOFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHY AND NO SMART PHONES!!!